Luscious Chocolate Plum Cake

This Chocolate Plum Cake, created by the amazing London, England based Chef Hana, is one of those recipes according to her that "you absolutely have to try, it’s that amazing." The combination of the three elements – rich chocolate plum cake topped with creme fraiche and roasted plums are a match made in heaven. And yes, it is vegan, gluten, soy & nut free.

Chocolate Plum Cake

You can just bake the chocolate plum cake and it is a wonderful cake, but going the extra mile and adding some juicy roasted plums and creme fraiche takes this recipe to a whole new level. I’ve used two different plum varieties here, smaller Victoria plums in the cake and round red plums for roasting.

If you can’t find a vegan creme fraiche you could use vegan whipped creme, but the sour flavour goes so well with the plums and chocolate that I strongly recommend it. Use a high-quality dark vegan chocolate in the recipe for the best results, I’ve used Amore di Mona lovely vegan chocolate.

Plum cake before adding creme fraiche and roasted plum topping