Cranberry, Orange Grain Free, Vegan Christmas Cake

Chef Hana created this delicious winter holiday season cake using instead of flour, cassava and chufa (a nut free starch commonly refer to as tiger nut.) If you haven’t experimented with them, they do behave differently than gluten-free flours and absorb quite a bit of liquid. The cake batter also looks different - more separated once mixed, hence the addition of some tapioca flour for extra binding. The sponge is also more crumbly than one made with gluten-free flours so Hana opted for including apple sauce as well as flax eggs.

The cranberry chia jam and orange additions create a wonderful flavor combination. Chocolate ganache, fresh cranberries, orange slices, rosemary and edible gold powder used to finish it are lovely and festive for this time of year. This cake turned out beautifully with a wonderful flavor and a moist texture. It is perfect if you’re looking for a grain-free, vegan, gluten, soy and nut-free Christmas dessert this year.


  • Layer cake: