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Dark Chocolate and Caramelas

Gourmet Dark Chocolate Bulk Bar

20 ounces of our original couverture chocolat speciale

Perfect for dipping, drizzling,

enrobing, and baking.

Each square = 2 ounces.

For inspiration see our recipes page.

20 ounce vegan chocolate baking bar

Dark Chocolate

Ingredients: Fair Trade,

organic Dutch cocoa butter;

Belgian cocoa solids & butter; 

raw, Fair Trade, organic

Madhava agave nectar

(15, 1.25 oz bars/case

also available with: 

  • crunchy coffee beans

  • currants

Vegan chocolate bar
Vegan coffee chocolate bar
Vegan chocolate bar with currants
Vegan chocolate caramela pack


Ingredients: Fair Trade, organic,

raw Madhava agave nectar;

Fair Trade, organic Dutch cocoa butter; Belgian cocoa solids;

organic, whole ground vanilla bean

(14, 2.3 oz bars/case)

Vegan chocolate caramela with cherries pack
Vegan chocolate caramela with coffee pack
Vegan chocolate caramela with cranberries pack

also available with: ​​

  • cherries

  • crunchy coffee beans

  • cranberries

Case of 15 vegan chocolate bars

By the Case

All of our varieties of our Dark Chocolate and Caramela bars are available by the case.
Dark Chocolate - 15 per case
Caramela - 14 per case

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