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we guarantee that your order will arrive in excellent condition at the specified shipping address you provide subject to the conditions described below.


note that the customer is responsible for the cost of failed deliveries when:
1. you provided an incorrect, incomplete or outdated address;
2. your recipient was out of town or not available, or

3. due to delays caused by you or the carrier, temperatures rose above 80 degrees and cool packs could not keep the contents from melting.  (cold packing in warmer months will only accommodate temperatures below 80 degrees for 3 days maximum.)


due to the perishable nature of our products, we cannot guarantee the condition of the package if the carrier must reroute your order. we cannot be responsible for the condition of orders that are not able to be delivered on the first attempt (or that you may have updated or revised through any customization options with our carriers). 


all sales are final as food items cannot be returned for restock or resale.

If you are not satisfied with your chocolates upon arrival, please contact customer service with tracking numbers, a detailed description and photograph(s) of the issue. we reserve the right to determine if a replacement or refund is equitable. if so, we will either reship your purchased item or refund the charge upon receiving the chocolates returned to us. claims submitted without proper support documentation will not be eligible.

If you have a quality issue, kindly contact customer service for assistance -

(502) 532-8322. or email us at

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