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Why they’re great: Forrest Gump reminded us that “life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” But for the allergy-ridden among us, it’s imperative to know. And that often means treats like boxed chocolates are off the table for folks who have severe nut allergies or other intolerances.


During our 2021 testing, we found that the chocolates in the Amore di Mona Assorted Mignardise Gift Box (16 pieces) were the best-tasting of all four allergen-free options we tried. They are vegan and made in a facility free of gluten, soy, dairy, tree nuts, and peanuts. And they have all the taste and texture of the finest boxed chocolates, without the threat of allergic reactions (including anaphylaxis).


The chocolates are slender and rectangular, which is typical of a mignardise, or bite-sized dessert. There’s not a lot of variety in shape or texture, but the box does include four pieces each of four different, satisfying flavors: Caffe, Frutta, Maple, and Sel. The Caffe had a strong taste of coffee; the Frutta contained pieces of dried fruit; the Maple tinged that chocolate a bit sweeter; and the Sel was sprinkled with the perfect amount of sea salt (great for those who like a salty-sweet combo). Each chocolate was expertly layered, with a ganache center, crisped brown rice, and either dried fruit or flavored caramel. And all were enrobed in a nice, thin layer of dark chocolate. This makes every bite texturally complex, though there isn’t much variety to the box itself. And the look of each piece is differentiated only by the simple and elegant garnishes, such as sea salt or chili flakes.

The Amore di Mona chocolates come in an attractive box with a branded ribbon and peep-through top. These bonbons can be romantic when necessary—for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary—but they don’t scream love with a capital L, the way drugstore boxed chocolates often do. If you’d like to go with a themed choice from Amore di Mona, the company offers different options, including heart-shaped boxes. It also has assortments with more or fewer chocolates, depending on your needs.


Amore di Mona Couverture Chocolat Speciale                

Fine Rich Chocolates That Everyone Can Love and Enjoy


Dark, luscious, luxurious, hand-crafted, pure chocolates

100% plant based, common allergen free and naturally sweetened


LOUISVILLE, KY - Amore di Mona (AdM) creates artisan chocolates with premium ingredients that are all natural, non-GMO, organic, kosher, vegan, low glycemic and free of gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, corn, lupins, eggs, cane sugar, soy, oils, artificial colors and flavorings. One of the first companies to succeed at this endeavor, AdM fine chocolates are desired by connoisseurs as well as those with specific dietary objectives.


"In the beginning, as healthcare and culinary professionals we were wanting to make a difference," says Mona Changaris, founder. "In 2006 we started baking dessert cakes, cookies and muffins with the goal of creating great-tasting, all natural products without common allergens. The baked goods needed a complementary chocolate for icing and flavoring, but a healthy, quality choice did not exist so we created one ourselves. Soon customers began asking if they could buy just our chocolate. From those requests our European style chocolate and line of confections were born."


Each year there is more demand for special diet foods, as it is estimated that up to 32 million Americans and more than 40 million Europeans have food allergies. Added to that are the growing number of people desiring plant based/vegan and low glycemic offerings. Anyone wishing to give a gift with confidence appreciates what we offer. Fine chocolate has always been the best choice for gift giving, delighting recipients in every country worldwide. And chocolate that is diet sensitive is all the more likely to be gratefully received.


In recent years, École Ferrandi, Paris, France trained Chef Lauren Allen has been instrumental in expanding our line of offerings. "It took time and dedication to get the recipes and flavors just right. Our professional chocolatiers use only premium, all natural, preservative-free, non-GMO, kosher ingredients. Our cocoa butter is imported from France, cocoa solids are from Belgium, Madhava provides our raw, organic, agave nectar, and New England Maple Farmers provide our Grade-A maple syrup for sweetening. Fruits included are sulfite free, sun dried and organic. All of our ingredients are sourced from fairly-compensated farmers using sustainable practices."


Amore di Mona adheres to strict quality procedures in production and sourcing of ingredients to ensure extraordinary purity and taste.


• Equipment is purchased new, as used equipment could create cross contamination.

• Buildings are exclusively owned/used by Amore di Mona to create a closed-kitchen environment.

• Redundant in-house and third-party laboratories are used to quality test products.

Customer comments inspire us.  Producer/Director Arthur Rouse is a long-term fan of AdM chocolate.  "I like the extraordinary care that goes into the creation of Amore di Mona's delicious chocolate. We offer AdM in the studio, as part of our customer's experience, and the Caramela made with Swiss, La Semeuse coffee is a favorite. And for me, the allergen free certification process and attention to quality and luxury make Amore di Mona's chocolates a perfect gift."


Karen Duarte, Vice President of Conferences & Special Events for The Humane Society of the United States shares: "We are so grateful for the continued generosity of Amore di Mona.  Their thoughtful donations of vegan chocolates are enjoyed and appreciated by our supporters and event attendees."

Amore di Mona has created four holiday 'enjoyable by all' choices for 2020: the Holiday Assortment, the Christmas Collection, the Ganache Collection and a seasonal 5 Truffle Collection. These offerings of caramelas, carres, mignardise, ganache and truffles are wrapped in gold foil, presented in gorgeous printed boxes with fabric ribbons and finished with gold wax seals. The classic European inspired, recyclable packaging makes every box a very distinctive luxury gift.



Amore di Mona is a privately held, fine chocolate company located in Louisville, Kentucky and Claremont, New Hampshire. It was founded in 2012 by a collective of nutrition-focused food artisans and health care providers with the purpose of bringing the joy of luxury chocolate to consumers of gourmet and specialty foods. Inspired by European masters of confiserie, our chocolatiers and chefs create pure, couture chocolate delights. They are available on,, in natural food coops, gourmet grocery and candy stores. Amore di Mona is a proud supporter of The Humane Society of the United States, The American Heart Association, Olympic and collegiate athletics.


More information, images, and recipes for special diet chocolate delights can be found at:


Press Contact: Kevin Klaphaak

Amore di Mona

couverture chocolat speciale

204 N. 17th Street

Louisville, KY  40203



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