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our company is comprised of a collective of nutrition focused food artisans and health practitioners.  in response to the world's growing desire for luxury, all natural, plant based, common allergen free, and low glycemic desserts, in 2011 we created a line of fine, rich chocolates that most everyone can enjoy.


within our families and circle of friends lies the source of our initial inspiration as many of us have food allergies, gluten intolerance, or have chosen a vegan or low glycemic lifestyle.  as a longtime chocophile myself, with sensitivity to soy and nuts, I passionately enjoy creating and sharing beautiful, healthy chocolates with others.

previously, our group of chefs provided special diet desserts to natural foods groceries.  when we found ourselves unable to source a couverture chocolate that was 100% plant based, milk, gluten, soy, dairy, cane sugar, sesame seed, tree nut and peanut free for our cakes and pastries, we turned to bio chemist, neuro chemistry professor dr. david changaris.  he developed for us a base chocolate made pure and simply with just three non-gmo, kosher, organic ingredients: 

  • belgian cocoa solids 

  • french cocoa butter

  • madhava agave nectar

when customers expressed an interest in buying the chocolate on its own, we enlisted my daughter lauren allen, a ferrandi paris trained chef, to help us develop our line of european style gourmet individual chocolate bars, caramelas and gift selection confections.

Mona Changaris, Founder, Amore di Mona couverture chocolat speciale
Dr. David Changaris, Developer
Chef Lauren | Amore di Mona
Chocolatier decorating vegan caramelas




our mission is to create confections that provide exquisite enjoyment when consumed and peace of mind when gifted.


sumptuous, masterpiece selections are hand crafted using ingredients that while essential for some, are enjoyable by all.


we are intimately involved in every aspect of our business process - from ingredient selection to the final presentation of our offerings in resplendent packaging.

our chocolates are crafted with only premium, all natural, organic, kosher, non-gmo, sustainably sourced, traded fairly ingredients. 

our facilities are wholly owned by us and strictly monitored to maintain common allergen free compliance.

in-house and 3rd party laboratories test our chocolates for purity and to certify that they are free of peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, eggs, lupins, sesame, fish, shellfish, soy and milk.

our equipment was purchased new and is used exclusively by us.

individual and most gift selections are heat sealed in gold foil to ensure quality.


our packaging is recyclable. 


we want to take a moment to share with you what we have been doing to contribute to improving the environmental health of the planet and appropriately respond to the challenges we all face as climate destabilization continues to develop.

ongoing, our selection of ingredients and packaging materials have reflected our focus on health and well being for global citizens and the ecosystems that nourish us all.  

since inception we have created chocolates with organic, all natural, non-gmo ingredients.  where possible we have established direct relationships with farmers.  boxes, ribbons and insertions have, and continue to be created, with of the earth materials - cottons and papers.  of the few items containing man made components - (plastic windows in cotton boxes, poly ribbon on a few seasonal selections,) we are diligently working with manufacturers to phase them out.  

We continue to work closely with our suppliers to reliably maintain common allergen and gluten free, 100% plant based, vegan ingredients. lab tests ensure purity and verification of certificates of analysis.  


we are proud supporters of:            

  • the humane society of the usa 

  • the american heart association

  • collegiate & olympic athletics

  • the food allergy research & education organization

Leonardo da Vinci, our muse

with leonardo da vinci as our muse, we strive to combine the goodness of nature with the precision of science and the beauty of art in all that we do.

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