strawberry chocolate torte

Fresh, creamy and delicious plant based, vegan, gluten, soy and nut free. A perfect Spring and Summer dessert.

This divine torte was created by the lovely and ever so talented Chef Hana in London, England where they really know how to make wonderful creams. You can make this cake on the day it's served because the layers on top set very quickly.

It really is a simple recipe even though it might look complicated. Hana baked the base chocolate cake layer in a 7″ square cake tin and then cut a 6″ circle to create the base to assemble the cake. She assembled the cake in a 6″ round cake tin with removable base. The cake will easily come out with the set agar layers.

If you like to use the strawberries around the edges then you simply arrange halved strawberries around the edge of the tin on top of the cake base layer. Then carefully pour the chocolate middle layer on top ensuring that the strawberries stay intact. The chocolate layer will set within half hour in the fridge and then you can finish the cake with the strawberry layer.


Chocolate cake layer:

  • 70g sorghum flour (1/2 cup)