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Poire Belle Helene

This Poire Belle Helene is another recipe in our series of traditional desserts made Vegan and Common Allergen Free. The Poire Belle Helene is a French dessert dating from 1864, created by Auguste Escoffier. It is traditionally pears poached in sugar served with vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.

We have made ours with Madhava agave nectar in place of sugar, and chocolate vegan ice cream, because we just can't get enough chocolate.



Poaching liquid:

2 cups water

1 cup Madhava agave nectar

Spices as desired

Chocolate vegan ice cream (use your favorite chocolate vegan ice cream, or try our favorite here.)

Chocolate sauce:

2 ounces Amore di Mona chocolate

1 ounce Madhava agave nectar


1. Heat poaching liquid.

2. Once liquid is simmering, poach pear for 30 seconds each side.

2. Melt chocoalte and agave nectar together

3. Plate pear, add chocolate sauce and ice cream.

4. Enjoy.

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