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Vegan Mint Maple Truffles

Vegan Mint Maple Truffles

1/2poundsAmore di Mona Chocolate

1/2poundsMaple Cream

1/4poundsMaple Syrup

1/8teaspoonPeppermint Oil


Melt Maple Cream to 90 degrees

Add room temp Peppermint Oil

Stir well

Melt chocolate to 90 degrees

Stir well

Add Maple Cream Peppermint mix

(May need adjustment)

Stir well

Add room temp Maple Syrup

Add only enough to reach desired density

Stir well

Cool covered in a container with

plastic wrap pushed on the top

surface of the ganache

roll into balls and let sit until

firm to touch (about 30 min or so.)

enrobe with chocolate

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