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Shipping Information

Summer Shipping Rates

Domestic Shipping rates:

Orders under $35 - $9 shipping

$35-$150 - $12 shipping

Orders over $250 - Complementary Shipping

International Orders Shipping Rates:

Under $75 - $30 shipping

$75-$300 - $60 shipping

Over $300 - $30 shipping

All orders are shipped securely with ice packs to ensure quality chocolate upon arrival

We accept Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard

16 pieces of our Sel Mignardise.

Our trilevel confection: Organic crisp brown rice, dark chocolate ganache, with a caramela finish, enrobed in dark chocolate, topped with sea salt.

Hand packaged and embellished with a hand-tied fabric ribbon.

Ribbons and embellishments may vary.

Sel Mignardise 16 Piece Gift Box

SKU: 85887100126
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