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Shipping Information

Summer Shipping Rates

Domestic Shipping rates:

Orders under $35 - $9 shipping

$35-$150 - $12 shipping

Orders over $250 - Complementary Shipping

International Orders Shipping Rates:

Under $75 - $30 shipping

$75-$300 - $60 shipping

Over $300 - $30 shipping

All orders are shipped securely with ice packs to ensure quality chocolate upon arrival

We accept Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard

Luscious assortment of vanilla, currant and lemon rose ganache coupled with our popular sel mignardise.  The beautiful blush box is embellished with a soft peach ribbon and lovely pastel flowers.

Perfect for Easter, Mother's Day, birthdays, graduation and thank you gifts.

16 Piece Assorted Ganache with Sel Mignardise Gift Box

  • Chocolate:  Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Solids, Agave Nectar

    Ganache:  Whipped Grade A Maple Syrup, Chocolate (cocoa butter, cocoa solids, agave nectar.), Black Currant, Lemon, Rose Water Concentrate.

    Mignardise:  Layer 1 of Caramela (cocoa butter, cocoa solids, agave nectar, ground whole vanilla bean) Layer 2 of Ganache (chocolate whipped with added agave nectar). Layer 3 of Crispy Base (caramela, brown rice crisps.)  

    Embellishments:  Ground dried blueberry, rose petals, sea salt.

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