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July 31, 2020

Enjoy Chocolate Ice Cream every day this summer.

Try this Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream made with Amore di Mona couverture chocolat speciale created by our own Chef Benita.


  • 1 C sugar

  • 1 ½ C Hemp Milk

  • 90 g Cocoa Powder

  • 2 tsp Vanilla Powder

  • ¾...

July 8, 2019

A verrine is an appetizer or dessert made of components layered in a small glass. Les verrines, as French chefs call them, are served in very small transparent glasses or bowls that highlight layers of color and texture.

November 3, 2018

These Maple Cookies are perfect to make on an autumn day.

Their sweet, delicate flavor will delight the child in all of us.

We have made these vegan and without any of the 8 Common Food Allergens, so they are a safe treat for everyone.


  • 10 oz White Rice Flo...

October 12, 2018

The Tarte Tatin was originally the creation of the Tatin Sisters, Stephanie and Caroline who ran the Hotel Tatin in Lamotte Beuvron, France in the 1880s. Our Apple Tarte Tatin has thinly sliced baked apples sprinkled  with cinnamon and sugar in a gluten free chocolate...

September 30, 2018

This Poire Belle Helene is another recipe in our series of traditional desserts made Vegan and Common Allergen Free. 

The Poire Belle Helene is a French dessert dating from 1864, created by Auguste Escoffier. It is traditionally pears poached in sugar served with vanill...

July 13, 2018

Our Moelleux is closer to Chef Torres' version of the lava cake - with a chocolate truffle placed in the center of the cake to create the molten center. This cake is gluten free, vegan, and common allergen free.

July 6, 2018

Our Chef Benita has developed this eclair recipe, created with gluten free pate choux and chocolate pastry cream made with Amore di Mona Gourmet Dark Chocolate.

June 26, 2018

Celebrate National Chocolate Pudding Day with this delicious, and beautiful, vegan and gluten free chocolate pudding.

June 22, 2017

Today, in honor of National Chocolate Eclair Day in the United States, we offer our Vegan, Gluten Free, and Allergen Friendly version of Pate Choux dough, perfect for eclairs.

Our own Chef Benita has developed this pastry dough using ingredients which are vegan, g...

June 22, 2017

Pastry cream - silky, creamy, and outrageously decadent.  

It can be used as a filling for cakes, pies, cream puffs, eclairs, and any number of delicious pastries, or even eaten by the spoonful if that's your mood.

Traditionally, Pastry Cream is made with milk, eggs, sug...

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